Meteor Party FAQ Information


Can I purchase directly from Meteor Party Pty Ltd?
Meteor Party Pty Ltd is a manufacturer, importer and wholesale distributor who supplies directly to retailers/businesses with an ABN.

What is our minimum order value?
The standard minimum order value is $250, however, this may vary depending upon your location.


How do I make a payment for my order/account?
Payments may be processed by Direct Transfer or Credit Card.  

When is my 30 day account due? 
Your account will be due on the last day of the next month following your invoice date. Failure to pay on time may cause your account to be put on HOLD and orders will not be processed or shipped until payment is finalised.  

My delivery has issues such as shortages or damages?
Please email Claims for shortages or damages must be made within seven (7) days of receipt of the order. 


How do I make changes to my order? 
Changes to your orders must be made via email as soon as possible.  We aim to process your orders efficiently and any changes can cause a delay to them being picked and shipped promptly for you.  If your additions are made too late - you will be notified and will have to complete a new order (that must meet minimum value for shipment). 

What is the turnaround time of my order? 
Orders should be expected to have a turnaround time of three to five (3-5) business days depending on your delivery location.  

What is the delivery estimate of my order? 
Please call customer service directly on 02 8883 1555 if you wish to know specific details about the delivery estimate of your order.

Who do I notify about my delivery instructions? 
Please make sure you have provided us with all specific delivery instructions. Including, but not limited to: tailgate & pallet jack requirements, hand unload conditions, dock numbers and locations and book-in details for pallet deliveries. Failure to provide important details may cause re-delivery and incur further costs to your account.


How do I receive my invoice? 
Every order is sent with a printed copy of your invoice within one of the cartons. If you require a digital copy of your invoice, or a copy of the invoice with barcodes, please contact customer service via email or phone. We will automatically send digital invoice copies for all future orders if requested. Please ensure email addresses are current for your stores and account's department where applicable.


Who do I notify about changes to my account or store? 
Please notify us via email as soon as possible if you have any changes to your account or store, such as email address, store name, manager contact, delivery instructions. It is important for us to be able to contact you when required for order deliveries and notifications.